Outdoor adventures and fun for all ages in Denmark’s largest zip-lining park

Our tree-climbing and zip-lining park offers an unforgettable experience for all ages. We have 2 high-rope tracks in different heights and difficuty levels, as well as a zip-lining track and our “BIG B” giant zip line that’s over 400m long and gives you an amazing view of Ledreborg castle.

Young and old, families, school classes, companies, couples, groups of friends etc. can all enjoy some fun filled hours at Fly-High Til-Tops Ledreborg.

Click “BOOK NU” (top right corner) to reserve your activity today and discover the following climbing and zip-lining tracks:

  • TUFF TOM (green / easy) – 1 to 4 meters above ground and the ideal start to warm up, or to get used to the idea of tree-climbing if you haven’t tried it before. 

    MAMA MIA (medium / blue) – 6 to 10 meters above ground, with 14 different climbing obstacles that challenge your balance (and sometimes your strength).

    BIG B (red / difficult) – a 400 meter long zip line in that takes you up to 40 meters above ground.

    LITTLE JOHN (red / difficult) – our zip-lining track 12 zip-lines plus connecting bridges.

Covid-19 update

Given the current situation related to the corona virus outbreak we have changed our process in order to protect our guests and staff. For example, we limit our maximum group size to 10, disinfect the climbing equipment (harnesses and helmets) even more often, and ask our guests to regularly wash or disinfect their hands. Also, we ask guests to practice social distancing to people that do not live in the same household.

Opening Hours & Prices 2020

OPENING HOURS: The park is open as of May 1st, 2020:

  • On Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, the park is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Last check-in is at 3 p.m. so you have enough time to enjoy the park.
  • If you’re a group of 10 or more climbers, we will happily open the park outside of these hours. Please contact us on ledreborg@til-tops.dk for a group booking.

Please note that without previous reservation, we cannot guarantee that there’s space for you, so we warmly recommend you pre-book. This means that we can reserve equipment and an instructor for you!

AGE & HEIGHT LIMITS: Climbers need to be at least 8 years old, and at least 140cm tall.

Children under 12 years can only climb together with an adult (18 years and over). One adult can supervise maximum 3 children under 12 years. 

In addition, the following track-specific requirements apply

  • Tuff Tom (green track), Little John (zip-line track)  and Big B (400 m zip-line): minimum height 140cm
  • Mama Mia (blue track): minimum height 150cm


All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK) incl. moms (VAT) 

  • Eventyr-Tops (ADULT), 16 years and over: DKK 299,- (at check-in) / DKK 275,- (if booked online)  
  • Ung-Tops (JUNIOR), 8 – 15 years: DKK 225,- (at check-in) / DKK 199,- (if booked online)
  • Guided Tour in Ledreborg Slot: please call +45 46 48 00 38 to discuss details.

At check-in you can pay cash or alternatively with maestro card, credit card, and we also accept MobilePay.

Frequently asked questions

Covid-19: How does it work in the park?

First of all, the Danish authorities have given their okay for climbing parks to open. We have adapted our processes to protect guests and employees. For example, we limit the maximum group size, disinfect climbing equipment even more regularly, and encourage our guests to regularly wash or disinfect their hands. Also, we ask guests to practice social distancing towards other guests who don’t live in their household.

Tree-climbing and zip-lining: Who can and who should not participate?

You don’t need any previous experience nor be particularly fit to try tree-climbing and zip-lining. However, you should be healthy and not suffer from heart / lung / back problems, and you cannot climb at Til-Tops if you’re pregnant. The park is open to guests aged 8 years and older. If you’re not climbing, you’re welcome to walk and watch – in that case, you don’t need to buy a ticket.

How long does the activity take?

Please plan for circa 30 minutes for the check-in and mandatory safety instruction, plus circa 1.5 to 2 hours for the tree-climbing and zip-lining. 

What about parking, toilets and a kiosk?

We have free parking, toilets near our reception, and a small kiosk where you can buy cold drinks and snacks. We do not sell any food such as sandwiches, but you can bring your own picnic supplies.

Should I pre-book?

The park can get busy so we warmly recommend you pre-book to make sure that we reserve the required equipment for you. Also, there’s a discount if you book online, just click on “BOOK NU” in the top right corner to access our online booking system.

What should I wear?

If you’re climbing and zip-lining, closed sturdy shoes are a must – you cannot climb barefoot / in flipflops / in heels etc.. We recommend comfortable clothes and layers as you’ll get warm while climbing. If you’re not climbing, we recommend an extra layer so you stay warm in the forest.

What if it rains?

Bring a rain coat 🙂 and enjoy the tracks. While in the forest, you’ll be protected by the trees, so it’s drier. If there’s a thunderstorm or very windy, the park is too exposed and needs to be closed.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes – please keep your pet on a leash while you’re in the park.

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